square cooling tower

Date:Apr 11, 2018

Square Cooling Tower 

Abstract. Cooling tower of air conditioning has been widely used as cooling equipment, and  there will be broad application prospect if it can be reversibly used as heat source under heat  pump heating operation condition. In view of the complex non-linear relationship of each  parameter in the process of heat and mass transfer inside tower, In this paper, the  model based on genetic algorithm optimization  is  established for the reverse use of cross flow cooling tower. The model adopts the structure of 6  inputs, 13 hidden nodes and 8 outputs. With this model, the outlet air dry bulb temperature, wet  bulb temperature, water temperature, heat, sensible heat ratio and heat absorbing efficiency,  Lewis number, a total of 8 the proportion of main performance parameters were predicted.  Furthermore, the established network model is used to predict the water temperature and heat  absorption of the tower at different inlet temperatures. The mean relative error  between   predicted value and experimental value are 4.47%, 3.63%, 2.38%, 3.71%, 6.35%,3.14%,  13.95% and 6.80% respectively; the mean relative error  between  predicted value  and experimental value are 2.66%, 3.04%, 2.27%, 3.02%, 6.89%, 3.17%, 11.50% and 6.57%  respectively. The results show that the prediction results of  model are better  than that of BP network model; the simulation results are basically consistent with the actual  situation.  model can well predict the heat and mass transfer performance  of the cross flow cooling tower.  

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