Six Steps to Maintain Industrial Chillers

Date:May 27, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] You know preventive maintenance may make your heating and air-conditioning systems run reliably and efficiently.  You may not realize that regular maintenance is equally important to your industrial chiller.

After all, your industrial refrigerators and freezers are mission-critical equipment. Once they fall down, they may quickly cost you a large sum of money.  Even if you think they are working normally, your refrigeration unit may consume too much energy, which not only wastes your wallet, but also consumes the whole planet.  Preventive health care will save you some green and help you play your part in environmental protection.

By arranging regular cleaning and commissioning for industrial chillers, you can benefit from it:

1, prevent terrible emergency failure.

The thought that your walk-in freezer may be enough to lower your blood pressure.  If refrigeration experts regularly check your system, you can find and solve the problem before the equipment fails, thus you will lose an entire batch of ice cream or meat.  Less investment in regular maintenance costs means that you will no longer have to face larger commercial refrigeration maintenance costs.

In the process of commercial refrigeration maintenance, worn parts can be replaced before the equipment is shut down.  Checking electrical connections can prevent power loss.  Regular cleaning can also reduce system wear and prevent damage to key components.  For example, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils can reduce the compressor load and minimize the risk of failure.

2. Avoid scale and polluted water.

Spotted and odorous water will make your customers leave quickly and even make them feel uncomfortable.  Neglected ice makers may carry bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, listeria and e. coli.  In the worst case, you may eventually violate the health rules and even file a lawsuit.

These problems are caused by dirt and mold accumulated inside the ice maker, which may occur even if the machine has an automatic cleaning cycle.  In order to correct this situation and prevent it from happening again, please arrange refrigeration maintenance experts to disassemble the equipment and thoroughly clean all components at least twice a year (up to twice a month depending on usage).

Make sure your service provider uses products specially designed for ice machines to clean water pipes, garbage cans and dispensers.  Cleaning also has the added benefit of increasing ice production.

3. Reduce energy costs.

By maintaining the best performance of industrial chillers, maintenance of industrial chillers can save 5% to 10% of energy costs.  When condenser coils become dirty, your industrial refrigerators and freezers must redouble their efforts to maintain internal temperature and consume more energy in the process.  Damaged gaskets, hinges, door handles or seals can cause cold air to leak from the equipment, forcing the equipment to run longer and consuming more power.

Your service technician will clean the coil, replace worn hardware, and check the temperature setting and defrost frequency setting to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption.

4. Extend the service life of industrial refrigerators and freezers.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can not only make your industrial chiller work more effectively, but also make its service life longer.  This is a vicious circle: when parts wear out or become dirty, the equipment runs more frequently, resulting in greater wear of parts.  In the end, the equipment will fail in due time.

5. Keep your industrial chiller properly and it will take care of you.

Preventing these problems is easier than you think.  According to the load and usage of the equipment, call a qualified refrigeration service company at least twice a year and once a month at most. Please call once to perform the following tasks:

Clean evaporator and condenser coils

Check whether the pipeline condenses

Clean the fan blades and check the fan motor.

Check the integrity of insulation

Check for air leakage through cracks, holes and worn parts (e.g. gaskets and seals)

Lubricate the hinges and handles of doors.

Check for loose electrical connections

Remove debris from drain pipe

Check temperature and defrost settings and calibrate thermometer

Check the filter on the ice maker.

Thoroughly clean all ice maker components

6, don't waste, don't waste.

Poor maintenance of water chillers will lead to a lot of waste.  When equipment runs inefficiently, they waste energy and money.  When they collapse, you will waste time and money, not to mention all food.  Waste is harmful to everyone, including the environment and even the economy.

Don't waste any more time worrying about the breakdown of industrial chillers.  On the contrary, please take measures to prevent this problem.  Please consult a qualified refrigeration service company such as Arista to make a customized maintenance plan for your business.

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