Selection of Plastic Mixer

Date:Jul 20, 2018

Selection of Plastic Mixer

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The work of the plastic mixer is to mix and mix to make the material uniform, but according to the shape and characteristics of the material, the mixer can be divided into many types according to different working methods.

We divide the powder material according to the nature of the material: 1. When the amount is small (mixing 150KG or less at a time), it is suitable for a roller color mixing machine. The drum color mixing machine is a mixing and stirring inner material which is rotated 360 degrees in the barrel body, and has no dead angle. However, the way the barrel rotates is not suitable for large mixing. When the amount is large (mixing more than 500KG at a time), it is suitable for large spiral plastic mixers. The plastic mixer lifts the raw material from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top in a spiral feeding manner, and then scatters it in an umbrella shape and returns it to the bottom, so that the raw materials are tumbling up and down in the barrel, and the prize can be won in a short time. A large amount of raw materials are evenly mixed, which saves energy and saves work speed. Granular material 1. Mixer below 1.200KG, it is recommended to use vertical mixer. This type of machine is easy to feed, discharge and clean. The body is mixed by stirring blades. 2.100KG-500KG, can choose horizontal mixer, 3.500K-5000KG, can choose large plastic mixer Need to heat the particles and powder materials 1. The horizontal plastic mixer can be equipped with heating function. There are two kinds of heating devices generally used. The first is that the heating piece is directly attached to the interlayer of the inner wall of the mixing barrel. This heating method has low cost and rapid heating. The disadvantage is that the temperature is not uniform. The second is the conduction of heat transfer oil. The advantage of this method is that the temperature is uniform and the controllable precision is high, but the cost is relatively high. The average customer will choose the latter. 2. Large plastic mixers can also be equipped with heating. Generally, wind heating is adopted, because the heating and stirring with the special high-frequency heater is adopted, the heating is fast, the power consumption is small, and the comprehensive cost per ton of material drying is 25-30 yuan per ton. Moreover, the dry mixing function is two-in-one. When it is not necessary to dry, only the "heating switch" and the "fan switch" are turned off, and one machine is used. There are many types of plastic mixers. What kind of mixer is used, in the final analysis, is based on the characteristics of the mixture.

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