Screw type chiller selection depends on those parameters

Date:Aug 14, 2018

Screw type chiller selection depends on those parameters

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The following are screw chillers to choose these points, for reference only:

First,Screw-type chiller components are water-cooled and air-cooled

  1. The cooling mode of the air-cooled screw chiller main unit is combined with the heat by the fin evaporator and the fan. The air-cooled screw chiller is generally placed in the vacant outdoor, and the heat dissipation site should be fully cooled.

 2. The water-cooled screw chiller main unit water distribution tower and cooling water pump (sometimes according to the customer's equipment), the water is continuously circulated by the cooling tower to dissipate the heat.

Second, the choice of screw chillers can only be 30HP, often customers ask me 20HP, also want to do screw chillers, the market generally lower than 30HP units do scroll chillers or piston chillers.

Third, the screw type chiller compressor products commonly used such as:: Taiwan Hanzhong, France Schneider, Idaly Lai Fukang, Japan Matsushita) with unloading and automatic adjustment of the spool valve mechanism, capacity adjustment grade is 25%, 50 %, 75%, 100%. It is divided into four levels of solenoid valve control, and it can work efficiently and reliably under special working conditions.

Four. When selecting the compressor, pay special attention to the general three-stage (33%, 66%, 100%) of the general 50HP compressor head. Last time I did the Changcheng Automobile project air-cooled twin-screw chiller 60HP time-scale four sections At the time of acceptance, I found that I was mistaken, so as not to remind the customer when designing.

Five.Screw-type chiller cold coal selection and voltage, commonly used domestic R22 environmentally friendly cold coal R404A R134A R407C; Voltage: Sanxiang 200V 50/60HZ 380V 50HZ/60HZ 440V 50HZ/60HZ (domestic commonly used 380V 50HZ) Sixth, the screw type chiller has a single and double screw. It means that several units (several compressors) can be controlled separately. The double screw type is better than the single screw and safer. 

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