Quick solutions to some common faults of air-cooled chiller

Date:Apr 02, 2020

Air-cooled chiller is a common industrial temperature control equipment, which can provide constant temperature and constant flow of cooling water for the use of machine tools, experimental equipment, laser equipment and rubber and plastic machinery. Air-cooled chiller may also fail during new installation or long-term operation. Generally speaking, core components such as compressors, evaporators and condensers of chiller units rarely fail, and more are pumps, Electrical control components and power supply failures are actually relatively simple to deal with. Generally, users can quickly check the problems after checking. Here we will share some common problems and solutions of air-cooled chiller with you:

Failure of air-cooled chiller to start

-It may be due to a power failure, you need to check whether the power supply voltage is normal to avoid the lack of phase;

-Check whether the circuit wiring of the chiller is loose, and fasten the joints of the wiring.

The chiller circulating water pump fails to operate

-Check whether the overload protection connected to the AC contactor of the pump is open. If the overload protection works and cuts off the pump circuit, then you should first check whether the power supply voltage meets the voltage indicated on the chiller nameplate lock and whether the pump impeller can Normal rotation, you can reset the overload protection RESET button after eliminating these problems;

-The air-cooled chiller with the specifications below 3HP mostly uses a single-phase voltage of 220V. It is necessary to check whether the capacitor of the water pump is burned out;

-If the coil of the circulating water pump is burned out, the water pump needs to be removed and repaired or replaced;

High-pressure alarm failure of air-cooled chiller

-Observe whether the condensing fan is operating normally. If the fan is not running, check whether the motor is damaged;

-Check whether there is dirt or more dust on the surface of the condensing fins that reduces the heat exchange efficiency. Rinse the condenser with compressed air or a high-pressure water gun;

-Check the refrigerant (refrigerant) pressure value to determine whether the refrigerant is overcharged.

Low-pressure alarm failure of air-cooled chiller

-Check whether it is a low pressure alarm due to lack of refrigerant. If there are leaks in the piping of the refrigeration system, repair welding and refrigerant should be performed.


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