Projects Done in Chiller Maintainance

Date:May 18, 2018


  1. Clean the condenser or evaporator of the chiller for once every month.

  2. Clean the cooling tower water system, especially the basin and the sprinkler system of the cooling tower, because the impurities in the tap water may be fouled.

  3. Check the refrigeration oil and lubricating oil system. If there is pollution, it is recommended to replace it in order to facilitate the compressor to run more freely.

  4. Check the dry filter is normal, there is no blockage, if necessary, should be replaced with a new dry filter.

  5. Insulation test of compressor motor coil of chiller.

  6. Conduct a thorough investigation of the entire electronic control system and host circuit system of the chiller to ensure normal operation.

  7. Check the amount of refrigerant in the chiller. If it is not enough, you need to replenish the refrigerant.

  8. Check and correct the chiller's high and low pressure switches to determine that the high and low pressures are within normal limits.

  9. Checking and correction chiller thermostat, make sure the thermostat display properly.

  10. Test run and total correction, testing whether the superheat is normal, whether the abnormal sound of each component.

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