Principles to be followed when using antifreeze in industrial chillers

Date:Mar 13, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] The function of antifreeze for industrial chillers is to prevent expansion and cracking of heat exchangers, pipelines or engine cylinder blocks due to freezing of coolant.  Therefore, in the operation and use of industrial chillers, it is necessary to replace the antifreeze of chillers in advance.  However, the replacement of suitable antifreeze solution plays a key role in the stable operation of the equipment and the extension of its service life.

When selecting antifreeze, the use environment should be considered before s*.  Although many enterprises believe that the higher the concentration of antifreeze solution, the higher the safety of equipment operation, in fact, on the contrary, enterprises need to carefully analyze which antifreeze solution to replace with industrial chillers according to the long-term operating environment of enterprises.

Only when the concentration of antifreeze solution can meet the requirements of the operating environment of the enterprise, can the safety of the industrial water chillers used by the enterprise be guaranteed. Otherwise, there is no practical significance for the enterprise to replace the water chillers, even leading to waste of the cost of replacing the industrial water chillers, which is not conducive to the long-term use of the industrial water chillers by the enterprise.

As an enterprise, if the antifreeze of the equipment goes bad and other serious problems occur, it is very unfavorable to the enterprise.  Only when the equipment can be carefully tested and the high-quality antifreeze products can be replaced regularly can the long-term stable operation of the equipment be guaranteed. The higher the stability of the equipment operation, the longer the service life of enterprises using industrial chillers.

Enterprises need to replace antifreeze products in time when using chillers, because different antifreeze products have different methods in the process of replacement.  The service life of the equipment can be prolonged by controlling the replacement cycle of the equipment and selecting antifreeze products suitable for enterprise equipment.  The longer the service life of an enterprise using industrial chillers, the lower the various operating costs incurred by the enterprise.

It should be noted that enterprises must follow the following important principles when using and replacing antifreeze:

1. The lower the concentration, the better.  Because it has certain corrosiveness, the lower the concentration, the safer it will be under the condition of meeting the antifreeze performance of industrial chillers.

2. The shorter the time used, the better.  Any substance has certain time limit. For example, the antifreeze will deteriorate if it is used for too long. The deteriorated antifreeze will be more corrosive and its viscosity will also change. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of industrial chillers, enterprises must pay attention to regular replacement.

3. Do not mix antifreeze of different brands.  When each manufacturer produces antifreeze, the ingredients used are different, and the formula of additives are also different. Therefore, it is forbidden to mix different brands and different types of antifreeze to avoid chemical reaction, precipitation or bubble generation, thus affecting the stable operation of industrial chillers.

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