plastic pellets use plastic mixer

Date:Aug 27, 2018

plastic pellets use plastic mixer

First, the initial inspection: 1, check whether the mixing blade is loose, lubrication is good. 2, start the idling, check for abnormal noise and other abnormal conditions, confirm that everything is normal before starting work. 3. Check if there is any foreign matter in the mixing drum and it is clean. 4. Check if the safety switch is flexible and effective. Second, safe operation: 1, the various materials according to the process requirements of the formula measurement and quantity added to the color mixing machine. 2. After the cover is closed, the motor can be started and stirred according to the specified time. 3. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the color mixing machine during the operation process. If you need to check it, you should stop it first. 4. If you need to clean the machine, you should cut off the power before you can operate it. Third, the shutdown operation: 1, after shutdown, the machine power should be turned off, turn off the leakage switch, cut off the power before leaving the post. 2. After the machine is shut down, the equipment should be thoroughly wiped clean, especially the parts that rotate with each other. It is strictly forbidden to accumulate dust

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