Plastic mixer instructions for use

Date:May 25, 2018

Plastic mixer instructions for use

1.Connect the power supply correctly, open the cover and check if there is any foreign matter in the machine room.

2.Check whether the idling of the start-up is normal and whether the mixing blade is turned correctly.

3.Drying function will be used, switch the switch on the electric instrument panel to the drying gear, set the required temperature on the temperature control table, when reaching the set temperature, the machine will stop running, set the time instrument to 5- 30 minutes for the cycle start function to keep the raw material completely dry.

4.Mix and mix color function, switch the switch of electrical instrument to mixed color, set the required time on the time meter, set the protection temperature of the raw material on the temperature meter, when the raw material reaches its protection temperature during the color mixing time. The machine stops and needs to be restarted.

5.Stop function: When the operation needs to stop, switch the connection to "stop" or press the 'OFF' button.

6,discharge: pull the material baffle, press the 'Jog' button.

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