plastic dryer use for mould inject machine

Date:May 24, 2019

Plasitc dryer use for mould inject

1. A high-performance hot air diffusion device that uniformly disperses hot air to keep the plastic drying temperature uniform and increase the drying efficiency. 
 2, the special hot air bend tube design, can avoid the accumulation of dust on the bottom of the electric heating tube, causing combustion. 
 3. The inside and inside parts of the barrel are made of stainless steel. 
 4. The barrel is separated from the bottom, which is convenient for clearing materials and quick for refueling. 
 5. Proportional deviation indicating temperature controller can accurately control temperature. 
 6, there is a double overheat protection device, which can reduce accidents caused by human or mechanical failure. 
 7, all models can provide preheating timing device, microcomputer control, and double insulation barrel selection.
 8. Full digital P.I.D controls LED status display. 
 9, 0-99 hours automatically start up. 
 10. Provide intermittent drying method to save electricity. 
 11, transparent window type magnet base
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