Plastic crusher common faults and solutions(first part)

Date:May 23, 2018

Plastic crusher common faults and solutions(first part)

Plastic crusher :

The plastic crusher inlet and outlet plugging

1. There may be problems with the structural design of the crusher. Solution: When purchasing a plastic crusher, it is better to be able to perform the test on the material that you need to crush.

2. The feeding speed is too fast, the load is increased, and the plugging is caused. Solution: It is recommended that the crusher work current is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

3, the discharge pipe is not smooth or blocked, it will crush the crusher tuyere; improper matching with the delivery equipment can also cause the discharge pipe to weaken the wind or wind blocking. After detecting a fault, it is necessary to clear the delivery port and change the unmatched conveying equipment to adjust the feeding amount so that the equipment can operate normally.

4, hammer pieces, aging, mesh hole closed, broken, crushing the material with high water content will make the plastic crusher clogging. The broken and severely aged hammers should be regularly updated to maintain a good working condition of the plastic crusher, and the screening mesh should be checked regularly and the moisture content of the crushed material should be less than 14%

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