Operation rules of color mixing machine

Date:Apr 09, 2020

1. Start business check:
1. Check whether the stirring blade is loose and the lubrication is good.
2. Idle after starting, check for abnormal noise and other abnormal conditions, and confirm that everything is normal before starting work.
3. Check whether there are foreign objects in the mixing drum and whether they are clean.
4. Check whether the safety switch is flexible and effective.
Second, safe operation:
1. Add various materials to the color mixer according to the recipe measurement and quantity required by the process.
2. The motor can be started only after the cover is closed, and it should be stirred for the specified time.
3. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the color mixing machine to grab the material during the operation. If you need to check, you should stop the machine first.
4. If you need to clean the machine, you should cut off the power before operating.
Three, shutdown operation:
1. Turn off the power of the machine after shutdown, turn off the leakage switch, and cut off the power before leaving the post.
2. After shutdown, the equipment should be thoroughly wiped clean, especially the parts that rotate with each other, and dust accumulation is strictly prohibited.

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