Operation procedure of mould temperature machine

Date:May 22, 2018

Operation procedure of mould temperature machine

First, check before starting  

  1. Whether the surroundings are clean and free of debris, check if the power supply, heater, controller, pressure gauge, pump, etc. are normal.  

   2. Check if the oil level of the expansion tank is above the 1/2-3/5 level, and whether the level sensor is normal or not.  

  3, connected to the control cabinet power supply, check the voltage is normal, check the indicator and the display instrument is normal.

Second, start  

  1. Start the heat-conducting oil circulating pump and normal circulation for about 0.5 hours after starting the pump to make the pressure stable;  

  2, press the heating start button, observe whether the heating is normal;

Third, stop operation  

1, the normal shutdown 1 gradually reduce the temperature, stop heating; 2 until the temperature of the thermal oil down to below 70 °C, stop the operation of the thermal oil circulation pump; 3 turn off the main power, do a good job shift record.  

2. Emergency stop If emergency shutdown occurs due to an emergency, the heating pipe should be quickly closed so that the heat transfer oil can be naturally cooled to prevent overheating.

Fourth, pay attention to matters  

1. During the inspection, check whether there is any leakage around the electrically-heated oil-conducting oil furnace. There should be enough fire-fighting equipment equipped with oil and electrical appliances in the vicinity. Do not use water as an extinguishing agent

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