Oil Type Mold Temperature Machine Troubleshooting

Date:Jun 25, 2018

Oil Type Mold Temperature Machine Troubleshooting

Briefly introduce the fault treatment method of the oil temperature machine. The temperature of the oil temperature machine will not rise. The main reason is the cause. The cooling water is reversed and the cooling water is replaced. Heating tube burns out and replaces the heating tube. Thermostat failure, replace the thermostat. Solenoid valve top open has been cooling, cleaning solenoid valve. Contactor burned out, replace the contactor. Oil temperature pump leakage: Shaft seal damage, replace the shaft seal Oil temperature control temperature is not allowed: reverse the cooling water, replace the cooling water take over; temperature line is damaged, replace the temperature line. Noise during machine operation: Replace motor bearings. Pump overload; wear of motor bearings, replacement of motor bearings. Three-phase voltage and current are not balanced. Underflow, detect input power. The thermal relay is damaged and replace the thermal relay. Water shortage alarm: The cooling water (external) pressure is not enough and the pressure is not reached. The pipeline is blocked and the pipeline is cleaned. After power on, alarm, invert: invert, adjust the input power two-phase wire number, you can. In the wrong phase, check whether the three-phase power supply is balanced. Reverse phase protector damaged. The company responded within 1 hour after receiving the customer's notice. For ordinary faults, the seller will direct the buyer to resume production as soon as possible by telephone or E-MAIL. For failures that the buyer cannot solve on its own, the seller guarantees to send qualified after-sale technical personnel to the buyer's site for maintenance.



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