Noise of cooling tower and its control method

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Noise of cooling tower cooling tower manufacturers is quite an indicator of value, what is the noise of the cooling tower? At present, the noise of cooling tower has two different evaluation indicators:

1, for the cooling tower design and manufacturer of national product standards GB/T7190.1-1997, GB/T7190.2-1997 of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower;

2, different water flow model provides users of national standard GB3096-2008 for acoustic environmental quality standards.

Noise indicators for different environmental zones for cooling tower provides the highest level left. If the limit values in accordance with GB/T7190.1-1997, GB/T7190.2-1997 cooling towers, all products meet GB GB3096-2008. For class II the following night-time noise ≤ 45~50dB (a) requirements, and only a few low-tonnage ultra low noise model of cooling tower for a small group of night-time noise standards of the region.

Therefore, cooling tower nearby residents and the environmental protection departments of the Government according to the requirements of the national standards for environmental noise GB3096-2008 cooling tower users on noise control of cooling towers.

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