NASER Water Chillers - Features of Industrial Water-Cooled Refrigeration Units

Date:Jun 11, 2018

Nagin Water Chillers - Features of Industrial Water-Cooled Refrigeration Units

  1. Compact structure and stable operation: The condenser and evaporator of the unit adopt high efficiency heat transfer tubes, and the main machine adopts imported highly efficient fully enclosed scroll compressors, with compact structure, small size, light weight, small installation position, etc. advantage. The closed scroll compressor has few moving parts, the compressor adopts a flexible scroll compressor, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, low running cost, automatic unloading and depressurization, no direct wear, and high reliability. Because it is a continuous compressor without pulsation, the unit has the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, low vibration, stable operation and so on.

  2. Perfect energy control system: Automatically adjust the start and stop of the unit according to the load change, and it is more energy-efficient. During operation, the computer control system will change the energy output of the unit based on changes in the client's thermal load. The microcomputer quickly judges the required energy by monitoring the difference between the measured actual load and the user's setting, and in multiple systems, works in the optimized way with the least amount of power consumption when the optimal cold output is output, not only at full load, but also Excellent performance, but also high operating efficiency at partial load;

  3. the operation is simple and intuitive: the unit uses a microcomputer program controller (digital display). Follow the instructions on the panel to select the operation and start the unit directly with the touch of a finger. The panel can display the running status of the unit at any time, and can be displayed in the form of text table parameters, which is clear at a glance;

  4.  the protection of microcomputer controller: with a high coil current protection, pump current is too high, cold water flow switch, cold water outlet temperature is too low protection, over temperature protection, compressor overload protection, frequent start and stop protection, Abnormal voltage protection, high and low voltage protection and other protection functions;

  5.  multiple protection, safe and reliable: In addition to the compressor internal protection module to provide over-voltage, lack of phase, overload and other functions to protect the compressor, the refrigeration system pressure control and other devices can make the unit work perfectly;

  6.  Optimized configuration: The unit adopts water-cooled type, high cooling efficiency, as much as possible to reduce noise, and meet environmental protection requirements;

  7. easy to install: The unit has completed all the components in the factory installation, operation test, and has added refrigerant and refrigeration oil, the user only water and circuit and water tower can be put into use by installing the connection, reducing the installation and debugging time.

  8. stainless steel pipe connection: argon arc welding, no oxide, to ensure long-term operation of the system clean, wall thickness of 6mm, high strength, corrosion resistance, no leakage, the other unit itself also do anti-corrosion coating.

  9. the application of thermal expansion valve: thermal expansion valve and compressor can adjust the system to achieve a real cooling capacity control.

  10.  microcomputer control, highly automated: At the same time achieve cooling towers, water pumps integrated control, safety, energy saving.

  11. Efficient threaded copper tube evaporator: The evaporator adopts a dedicated high-efficiency tube, which has high heat exchange efficiency. After infrared inspection, no blisters and no leakage point, reducing the resistance.

  12. split design: evaporator and condenser split design, square cold bridge, greatly reducing the exchange of heat and cold, reducing energy loss to ensure heat transfer effect.

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