NASER Crushing Machine Blades Adjustment and Choose

Date:May 23, 2018

3HP flat cutter.jpg

When adjustment the blade, based on fixed blade , adjust activity blade, The relative gaps is 0.3-0.8 mm . The blade gap examination table as follow

No.Plastic type
The blade gap
Cutter type
1Plastic chip
0.3mmChip type/Flat pieces knife
2Soft plastic
0.3-0.5mmFlat cutter saddle
3Hard plastic


screen size<=6-8mm


sieve aperture<=8-10mm

Stationary claw cutter saddle

If the blade gap than above limits should be adjusted , otherwise the blade easily damage.

  1. In fixed blade: to adjust for benchmark, activity blade fixed blade

  2. In living in fixed blade knife: set for the datum, adjust the activity.

  3. The distance of the blades and the screen, the distance activities blades and the sieve should be less than hole, (Under the table with reference to adjust sieve distance of blade) So the crushing machine, plastic can not stay on the screen.

Spec.The sieve aperture of crusher
The gap of active blade and sieve

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