Mold Temperature Machine Failure Analysis And Solution

Date:Dec 26, 2019

Mold temperature machine failure analysis and solution
1. Common faults of mold temperature machine:

1. Mold temperature machine lack of media alarm failure analysis: There are two types of mold temperature machine lack of media alarm: water temperature machine is the signal output by the pressure control, oil temperature machine is the signal output by the oil level switch (float switch).

Solution to the lack of media alarm for the mold temperature machine:
(1) Confirm whether the media is lacking. The water temperature machine requires water pressure. The oil temperature machine requires sufficient oil. If the media is lacking, it must be supplemented. If a fault needs to be replaced or an emergency can be made, a false signal can be made to make the mold temperature machine work.


2, mold temperature machine over temperature alarm failure analysis: electric heating over temperature is the signal input method by the temperature controller:
(1) Normal over temperature, the temperature control temperature is not accurate and needs to be adjusted.
(2) If the temperature is abnormal, the temperature control needs to be replaced or a false signal output should be provided.

3, mold temperature machine pump overload failure analysis: pump overload protection is oil heat protection to provide signal support

The pump current is too large, the pump is broken or the thermal protection is broken. The thermal protection can provide false signals. The pump must be replaced after use.


4. Failure analysis of the mold temperature machine without heating: The heating signal is output from the computer version to control the work of the heating tube.
(1) There is a problem with the control system and a broken heating tube if it is not heated.
(2) The above faults of the control system can provide false signals to work first in troubleshooting.
(3) The heating tube must be replaced to work normally.


5, mold temperature machine does not cool down failure analysis: cooling is controlled by a solenoid valve, cooling water is passed to cool the internal temperature of the equipment.
(1) Check if the cooling water is flowing, whether the pipeline is blocked or the solenoid valve is broken.
(2) The oil temperature machine can work normally without cooling water, but the temperature control is not accurate.


6. Pump damage solution: motor needs to be repaired or replaced.
It is recommended to replace the motor directly. Therefore, when choosing a model temperature machine, look at the brand of the pump. For example, the Euromould temperature controller uses Siemens motors and has a long service life.


7, mold temperature machine reverse phase alarm failure analysis: power phase failure to ensure that the pump works forward
Solution: Failure of the reverse-phase protection device. Or the phase of the power line is wrong, you need to prescribe the right medicine.


8. Temperature does not show failure analysis: Thermistor output signal to computer version or thermostat
Solution: The temperature line problem or the computer version is faulty and needs to be replaced.


9. Continuous start and stop failure analysis: a short circuit of a device Solution: check the working step, check whether the working device in this step is shorted


10, oil temperature machine pressure is unstable, water vapor failure analysis: pipelines and oil mixed with water vapor or oil temperature machine cooling pipe leaks into the oil.


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