Mixer Safety Operation Procedures

Date:May 31, 2018

Mixer Safety Operation Procedures

1. According to the specified method, it is forbidden to use the color mixing machine without training or familiar with the operator.

2. Regularly refuel the bearings and gears of the machine table.

3. When the machine is in operation, it is forbidden to reach inside or rotate part.

4. Turn off the power when cleaning or repairing.

5. It is forbidden to exceed the rated weight (100KG), and the dust and impurities in the hopper must be thoroughly cleaned before mixing.

6. Move the mixer before stirring to ensure that it is turned on under no abnormal conditions.

7. Turn off the power after stirring.

8. Every shift must keep the machine clean, and the maintenance of the machine should be carried out every day. Other miscellaneous items are strictly prohibited around the color mixing machine. The inside and outside of the mixing machine are kept clean.





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