Material division of the Plastic Crusher Blade

Date:Jul 11, 2018

Material division of the Plastic Crusher Blade

To understand what a shredder blade is, what does the shredder blade do? Let's look at the structure of the shredder and its use. The pulverizer is mainly composed of a hopper, a crushing chamber, a knife holder, a screen plate, a lower hopper, a motor, and the like. The range of pulverization is relatively wide. The most common ones include straw smashing, waste smashing, smashing of the packaging industry, chemical fiber recycling and pulverization, etc., and generally use pulverization to achieve cleaning or finishing.

There are many kinds of blade materials, different specifications of different materials and different processing techniques, resulting in its performance is also completely different, the processed products are also different, the main raw materials are T10, 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, SKD11, D2, W18Cr4V, Front steel and other domestically imported materials.

The pulverizer blade is also called plastic pulverizing knife, which mainly includes powder plastic pulverizer blade, plastic film sealing and cutting blade, plastic pulverizer blade, alloy plastic granulator cutter, front steel sealing and cutting machine blade, plastic granulator roller blade, plastic roller. Cutting knife, pelletizer hob, plastic crusher screen, chemical fiber recycling grinding machine blade, high speed crusher blade; feed, Chinese herbal medicine crushing, straw crusher cutter, etc.

Plastic shredder blades, also called plastic mechanical blades, are mainly used for crushing in the plastics and rubber industries. Like other blades, they require precise geometric tolerances to ensure good assembly quality with the machine. It requires the choice of the chemical composition of the blade material that suits the user's different needs and smashes different objects. It requires a suitable blade angle that maintains the sharpness of the blade and gives the blade a certain strength without chipping in use. It requires a good heat treatment process to achieve the appropriate hardness and small internal stress of the insert, and the plastic shredder blade is not deformed during use.

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