manufactures industrial plastic crusher machine

Date:May 22, 2020

 Crusher can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher according to large categories. The medical lithotripter is mainly used for stone crushing. Generally, resonance is used to break the stone to avoid various risks brought by operation.

The mine crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of stone materials. According to the different crushing principle and product particle size, it can be divided into many models. Crushers are widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, chemical industry and many other sectors. Commonly used crushing machines include jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, composite crusher, cone crusher, two-stage crusher, rotary crusher, mobile crusher, etc.

The working principles of different types of crushers are totally different. Take the ring hammer crusher as an example:

The hammer crusher mainly relies on the impact energy to complete the work of crushing materials. When the hammer crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the materials enter the crusher cavity evenly. The hammer head of high-speed rotation impacts, cuts and tears the materials, causing the materials to be broken. At the same time, the gravity effect of the materials makes the materials rush from the hammer head of high-speed rotation to the baffle plate and screen bar in the frame. At the lower part of the rotor, there is a sieve plate, and the particle size smaller than the sieve hole in the crushed materials is set Discharge through the sieve plate. Materials larger than the mesh size are blocked on the sieve plate and continue to be hit and ground by the hammer until they are crushed to the required discharge particle size and finally discharged out of the machine through the sieve plate

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