How Does Hopper Dryer Works?

Date:May 12, 2018


The hopper dryer is a new generation product of standard hot air dryers. The environmental protection factors have been fully taken into account and improved on the basis of the original functions. It can dry raw materials that are wetted by packaging, shipping or recycling.

In raw material processing, the hopper dryer blows a constant high-temperature wind into the drying drum through the drying fan. After the raw materials are baked, the original moisture of the raw materials in the barrel is taken away to achieve the purpose of removing moisture contained in the raw materials. The wind blown by the blower becomes a high-temperature dry hot air after being heated by electric heating. Through the screen protector and the perforated screen, the hot wind energy is uniformly dispersed in the raw material of the dry barrel air drying drum. Optional hot air recovery device, the blow out of the wind after the return air filter into the drying fan to form a closed loop circuit, saving electricity.

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