Cooling Tower Price/Supplier/manufacture from China

Date:Apr 27, 2018

Cooling Tower product description

The cooling tower is a device that uses water as circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it to the atmosphere to reduce the temperature of the water. The cold water is exchanged between water and air to generate steam. The steam vaporizes away the heat and reaches evaporation. Heat dissipation, convection heat transfer, radiation heat transfer and other principles are used to disperse evaporative heat sinks that reduce the water temperature in industrial or cooling and air-conditioning systems to ensure the normal operation of the system. The device is generally in the form of a barrel. It is called a cooling tower.

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Product Features for Cooling Tower

International Standards

Series NCT cooling towers have been designed according to the international standards featuring light weight structure, easy transport, easy hoisting, and easy site installation.

Low Noise & Easy Maintenance
Series NCT cooling tower use high tension V-belt reducers, which are correspond to the low noise axial fans featuring silent operation and easy maintenance.

Light Weight, Smaller Footprint and Multi-Cell Installation
Comparing with other types of cooling tower, NCT features lighter operational weight and smaller footprint. Also the combinative multi-cell structure is suitable for large cooling requirement and future expansion.

High Efficiency Non-Clog Distribution System
Water distribution system consists of spray header and branches with large orifice, non-clog nozzles to spray water evenly on the surface of fill to promote the best mixing of air and water.

High Efficient Fill
Unique design of vacuum-formed and chevron configuration type fill with ripple surface facilitates even spread and long duration of water drop and free of deposits and scales to get best heat transfer.

Long Service Life
NCT tower components are made of weatherproof and anticorrosive materials. Casing is constructed of anti-ultraviolet FRP which features soundproof and non-decayed merits with fine streamline outlook. Basin are made by F.R.P. Fill and inlet louvers are by P.V.C. Supporting rack is made of light weight steel. All the steel parts are hot dip galvanized so as to prolong the service life.

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