Maintenance of Cooling Tower

Date:May 28, 2018

Maintenance of Cooling Tower


The cooling tower is very important in the cooling process. Therefore, the on-duty personnel should handle the maintenance well. To ensure the normal operation of the cooling tower, the following provisions are made: 

Firstly, During the summer season:

1. Deal with its regular inspections, find abnormal conditions, and deal with it in time to ensure the cooling operation.

2. The sewage should be drained regularly and the cooling tower should be discharged once a day. Open the drain valve at the bottom of the cooling tower during blowdown. When the sewage is discharged, it must not be separated from people. Always pay attention to the height of the water in the tower and avoid the phenomenon of air suction, so as to avoid causing large-scale leakage. After the sewage is drained, it should be observed whether the water supply is normal.

3. Cooling water circulation processor should be discharged once a week.

4. Each blowdown is 20 minutes.

5. Check the cooling tower fan regularly to see if the belt is loose, if the sound of the fan is abnormal, and if it is short of oil.

Second, the spring and autumn maintenance:

1. Clean the dirt in the cooling tower.

2. Inspect and repair the tower fan. Lubricate the fan for maintenance.

3. cooling tower pipe valves plus butter for maintenance.

4. Clean the pipeline filter of the cooling tower and replace the bad thermometer and pressure gauge. Check the cooling water pump check valve landing.

5. When the atmospheric temperature in winter is lower than 5°C, all the water in the system should be discharged to avoid freezing and cracking the pipeline.

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