Low refrigerant pressure treatment method

Date:Jun 23, 2018

Low refrigerant pressure treatment method

1. When the water temperature is above 5°C, when the low pressure gauge pressure is less than 2kgf/cm2, it means that the refrigerant is insufficient. Generally, the cause of the shortage of refrigerant is the leakage of the refrigerant. The place where the refrigerant leaks is to be first patched, then the dry filter is replaced and the vacuum is again removed, and the appropriate refrigerant is filled. 2. If the leaking refrigerant is partially immersed in water, stop the freezer immediately and remove the water in the tank. Then notify the company as soon as possible 0769-81086963 to 822 (aftermarket). Our company dispatches professional maintenance personnel to handle the repair. In order to prevent the compressor from sucking water into the system, it will cause more serious damage. Naser Machinery has been engaged in research and development of chillers for many years. The mature refrigeration technology, reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service have laid a leadership position for the Naser chiller in the refrigeration industry.

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