Knowledge on Summer Maintenance of Small Chillers

Date:Jun 20, 2020

High-temperature summer is a season of frequent production safety accidents, which affects the refrigeration effect of small chillers to some extent.  Therefore, in order to reduce the equipment failure time and losses, we should always pay attention to the impact of high temperature on small water chillers, and do a good job in summer maintenance of small water chillers.  So do you know any knowledge about summer maintenance of small chillers?  The following is a brief introduction of Kuling Times:


Knowledge on Summer Maintenance of Small Chillers;

1. Place the small water chiller in a position with good ventilation and heat dissipation.

Poor heat dissipation will cause the condenser condensation temperature and corresponding condensation pressure to be too high, thus affecting the refrigerating capacity of the water chiller, eventually affecting the normal operation of the refrigerated equipment and affecting the production efficiency.

2. Clean the dust and sundries on the dust screen of the water chiller and condenser.

Because the dust-proof net and condenser fin of the water chiller are easy to absorb dust and sundries during the operation of the water chiller, if the water chiller is not cleaned for a long time, the heat dissipation performance of the water chiller will be affected.  When summer comes and the ambient temperature rises, dust on the dust screen and condenser will even affect the cooling effect of the water chiller, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity of the water chiller.  Users can use air guns to clean the condenser of the chiller and remove and wash the dust screen.

3. Regularly clean the water tank and replace the circulating water.

If the water tank is not cleaned for a long time, the evaporator inside the water tank will cause poor cold and heat exchange due to microorganism generation, and more serious will cause waterway blockage, which will affect the refrigeration effect of small chillers.  Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the water tank and replace the circulating water.

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