Key Points for Safe Operation of Refrigeration Operators in Large Cold Storage

Date:Mar 12, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Key points for safe operation are as follows:

1, safety operation procedures

Generally, safe operation procedures should be formulated for machines and equipment of refrigeration units, and refrigeration operators must strictly abide by them to ensure safe production.

2, familiar with the whole refrigeration system

Refrigeration operators must be familiar with the entire refrigeration process system diagram of the factory (unit), and should be familiar with the names, specifications and models of major equipment.

3, the room refrigeration operators should do "four to", "four frequently" and "four in time".

(1) The "Four Essentials" shall ensure safe operation, ensure warehouse temperature, reduce condensation pressure as much as possible, and fully deliver the products

Refrigeration efficiency of swing equipment.

(2) "Four Frequencies": Watch the instrument frequently, check the temperature of the machine frequently, listen to the sound of the machine running frequently, and know the warehouse entry and delivery frequently


(3) "Four in Time": timely release of oil, timely flushing of frost, timely release of air, and timely cleaning of condenser scale.

4, the valve slowly open

All kinds of valves on machinery and equipment pipelines shall be slowly opened when opening.

5. Continuous water supply

During the operation of the compressor, the condenser shall not be cut off (stop operation)

6. The liquid level shall be kept at the specified value.

The liquid level of the high pressure reservoir shall not exceed 80% or less than 30%.

7, for protection

When adding ammonia or draining oil to the refrigeration system, the refrigeration operator should wear rubber gloves and anti-virus surface.

Tools to prevent burns to hands and face.

8. Avoid opening by mistake

For the standby valve (regulating station, etc.) communicated with the atmosphere, ammonia adding valve or blowdown (oil discharge) set in quick freezing room

Valve, usually should remove the handwheel, avoid opening by mistake.

9, hang up the opening and closing card

In order to avoid misoperation, each control valve of the regulating station shall indicate its position and purpose, and the handwheel of each valve shall

Opening and closing cards.

10. Record

The operation and maintenance of the compressor shall be recorded timely and correctly.

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