Is The Plastic Crushing Machine Polluting The Environment?

Date:Jul 02, 2018

Is The Plastic Crushing Machine Polluting The Environment?

Is the rubber crushing machine polluting the environment? In the face of such problems, Dongguan NASER Machinery has conducted a preliminary inspection of the actual production site of customers in many regions. It is necessary to initially determine the main two factors of its pollution. One is the occupation of waste rubber and waste rubber before the waste rubber is broken. The harmful gas in the pollution of the surrounding air, the second is the noise pollution generated in the process of using the rubber pulverizer, the third rubber in the process of crushing and grinding due to dust pollution caused by equipment sealing problems, the fourth due to waste rubber Often with dirt or other oil, it is necessary to clean the waste rubber in order to achieve the recycling effect. The cleaned wastewater is also one of the problems of environmental pollution. Therefore, in the use of the rubber shredder, customers should try to choose an empty space away from the residential area. After the market investigation, Dongguan NASER Machinery carried out related equipment improvement on several existing problems of the rubber shredder, such as in the main body of the equipment. Integrated powerful cyclone dust collector reduces pipe connection, avoids dust pollution caused by loose interface, and balances the balance of equipment shaft. The thickened machine cavity uses double-layer filling machine cavity to reduce the impact of equipment vibration noise on the environment. It is recommended to use a circulating sedimentary cleaning cycle system to ensure the discharge standard of sewage. 


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