Introduction of air cooled industrial chiller

Date:Sep 17, 2018

Introduction of air cooled industrial chiller components


1. Compressor: famous brand Panasonic, Danfoss, etc.
2. Evaporator: The standard chiller uses a water tank coil evaporator
3. Condenser: The air cooled chiller uses a finned condenser.
4. Water storage tank: stainless steel 304 material, the volume of the water tank varies according to the model of the chiller. Built-in automatic water supply device, no need to manually replenish water.
5. Water pump: There is a water pump inside the air cooled industrial chiller.
6. Electronic control system: microcomputer display control panel
7. Fan: Advanced rotor design, long service life, low noise and high efficiency.
Air cooled industrial chillers produced by chiller plants are particularly suitable for use in areas where water is poor or where water is scarce. The model is complete and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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