Industrial cooling tower how to care

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Basic principles of industrial cooling towers

Boring (low-enthalpy) of air through fan a little pumping, air intake Department entering the cooling towers at the network; full-steam pressure low hot water pressure air, hot and humid (high enthalpy) of water planting spray water system inside the tower. When water droplets and the air touch, partly because not directly heat the air and, on the other hand because water vapor outside and there is a pressure difference between the air and pressure effect of transpiration under picture, take far away latent heat of evaporation, transpiration heat water to carry away the heat that is, attempt to commit and then reach the cooling of cooling towers.

Industrial cooling tower how to care? Each item has its own life, more love, usually more maintenance will extend the use, also, the cooling tower is no exception, the repair and maintenance of industrial cooling tower what is it all about?

Transmission parts

1. motor replacement and repair

2. the reducer belt adjustment and replacement shaft seal replacement, moderator, moderator bearing Center bearing repair

3. replaced the windmills group and balance check

4. drive shaft Proofing

Cooling system

1. the apron clean and replace

2. clean heat sink materials and replace

3. bulk tank cleaning

4. spray pipe cleaner

5. nozzle replacement and adjustment

Basin parts

1. water bowl clean

2. water basin water trap

3. inlet screen clean and replace

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