Industrial chiller maintenance and repair tips

Date:May 21, 2018

To ensure normal operation of the air conditioning unit after startup, it must be ensured that the condenser heats up well. Otherwise, the condensing temperature and the corresponding condensing pressure will be too high, so that the chiller high pressure protection device will stop and even cause a failure. The cold water in the evaporator should be circulated. Otherwise, the temperature of the cold water will be too low, which will cause the cold water temperature protection device to act and stop. Because the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure are too low, the low pressure protection device of the chiller will stop and even cause a shutdown. Cold water in the evaporator freezes and damages the equipment.

  1. In order to ensure the good performance of the unit, please keep the chiller in a good environment with good ventilation and low temperature.

  2.  Turn off the compressor and turn off the cooling fan.

  3.  Clean the condenser and check that the valve is in normal condition every six months or when the performance of the refrigerator drops.

  4.  The optimal working pressure of the condenser should be less than 1.5 MPa. Checking and cleaning the condenser frequently will keep the machine in its best performance.

  5. For air-cooled machines, make sure that the machine is well ventilated and regularly maintain the condenser.

  6.   If the pump impeller is not used for a long time, the impeller of the pump may be blocked by the sediment. Therefore, turn the pump cooling fan by hand before use.

  7. In the course of operation, the unit should record the parameters timely and correctly.

  8.  If there is an alarm shutdown during the operation of the unit, the relevant personnel should be notified in a timely manner to check the unit. If the fault cannot be eliminated, the factory can be contacted directly.

  9. The unit must not short-circuit the water flow switch during operation so as to avoid freezing the water pipe.

  10. The equipment room should be equipped with appropriate safety equipment and maintenance inspection tools such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. The tools should be stored in a fixed position.

  11.  Do not turn off the main power supply after the unit is shut down.

  12.  If the unit is in a long-term shutdown state, drain all the water from the chilled water system to prevent rust. Water chamber cover should be sealed. 

  13. When theunits are shut down for a long time, they should do maintenance work.

  14. It is recommended to replace the oil every four years or when the oil quality of the lubricant deteriorates, oil impurities, and moisture increase.

  15. Clean the condenser at least once a year. It is recommended that you clean it once a year before use, and once a year on the hottest days in summer.

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