Industrial chiller how to calculate cold water

Date:May 21, 2018

Industrial chiller how to calculate cold water 

The amount of cold water is generally expressed in RT, but there are three types of cold tonnage: cold 

ton in the United States, cold ton in Japan, and cold ton in the United Kingdom. 

We usually say and most commonly use cold ton in the United States. We use US.RT to indicate that 

US is the United States. The abbreviation of 1US.RT = 3516.7W, and HP refers to the input power unit 

of the chiller compressor, generally 1HP compressor can have 2500W cooling capacity, of course, 

some chillers use 1HP compressor, the system may only With 2300W, the 1HP of some chillers may be 


 If a compressor with 1HP input power is used, the entire system will have 2800W of cooling capacity, equivalent to 0.8 tons of American cooling capacity. If you push like this, you should be able to calculate the relationship between HP and tons of cold water.

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