industrial chiller failure

Date:Mar 14, 2019

industrial chiller failure

1. The power is not energized. The reason is that the power cord is not in good contact or the fuse is blown. It is necessary to check whether the power connector and the power cord plug are inserted or replace the fuse. 2. The flow alarm is used to check whether the water level of the water tank is too low or the water circulation pipeline Whether there is blockage or water pipe bending deformation, check the water level gauge display window to see if there is water leakage or bending deformation in the water circulation pipe; 3. High water temperature alarm: Check whether the air filter is blocked or the air inlet and outlet are poorly ventilated, and the voltage is seriously biased. Low or unstable, improper setting of thermostat parameters, frequent switch of water tank, excessive thermal load, etc., need to regularly remove and clean the air filter, ensure smooth ventilation of the air inlet and outlet, improve the power supply or use the regulator, and reset the control parameters. , reduce the heat load, or choose a larger cooling capacity, etc.

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