Industrial Chiller commom problem and solution

Date:Jun 07, 2018

Industrial Chiller commom problem and solution

Compressor frosting

1.Circulating water circulation or valve is not open, check the water valve, all piping, ensure smooth flow, install short-circuit piping.

2.The circulation water pipeline configuration is too small, increase the diameter of the circulating water pipe to ensure normal water circulation.

Compressor Fault

1.Compressor coil is short, open circuit, replace the matching compressor.

2.Compressor overload protector automatically trips, limit the protector's current limit properly within the allowable range and press the reset button

Pump failure

1.The pump motor coil is short, open circuit, repair the motor coil or replace the motor

2.The pump overload protector automatically trips, and the current limit of the protector is properly adjusted within the allowable range.Press the reset button halfway

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