industrial Chiller application range

Date:Oct 24, 2018

Plastic industry: Accurately control the mold temperature of various plastic processing, shorten the molding cycle, and ensure the stability of product quality. Electronics industry: Stabilize the molecular structure inside the production line of electronic components, improve the qualification rate of electronic components, and apply it to the ultrasonic cleaning industry to effectively prevent the damage caused by the volatilization and volatilization of expensive cleaning agents. Electroplating industry: control plating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of plating parts, shorten plating cycle, improve production efficiency and improve product quality. Machinery industry: control the pressure oil temperature of the oil pressure system, stabilize the oil temperature and oil pressure, prolong the oil quality use time, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication and reduce wear. Vacuum coating: Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of the plated parts. Food industry: used for high-speed cooling after food processing to adapt to packaging requirements. There is also a temperature for controlling the fermented food. Pharmaceutical industry: It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to control the temperature control of fermented drugs. Central air-conditioning industry: The main application of large air-conditioning, cold water is sent to the fan coil through the pipeline, and the air is evaporated.

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