Importance of maintenance cleaning of cooling towers

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Normal functioning of the cooling tower is directly related to the basic guarantees of the efficiency of cooling towers, cooling towers with time, all parts of the exposed side of the easy scaling, especially internal and plumbing, regular cleaning is important, cannot be ignored, lest ye lose prevent normal operation of the cooling towers. All parts of the cooling towers cleaning method:

1, as packing for cooling tower air heat and moisture exchange medium with water towers, often using advanced processing of PVC materials, belongs to the plastic, and is easy to clean. Where the dirt or microbial attachment, with water pressure wash or cleaning agents.

2, set the Pan in the dirt or microorganism attachment is most easily found rinsed method is easy to clean. But note that is, blocked cooling tower water outlet before cleaning, open the drain valve cleaning, after cleaning the dirty water discharge from the drain to avoid entering the cooling water pipe.

3, in the cleaning cloth in water and packing to do this to use the belt speed reducers, once every two weeks to check the drive belt tension and appropriate time needs to be adjusted. If several different you will need to replace all the tightness of the belt: such as cooling towers does not run for a long time, is a good idea to save the belt down.

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