Ice water machine development application field

Date:Jul 23, 2018

Ice water machine development application field

The generalized refrigerator refers to all refrigeration-related machinery and equipment in the refrigeration industry. That is to say, all the mechanical equipment used in the refrigeration industry can be called a refrigerator.  The main performance indicators of the refrigerator are working temperature, cooling capacity, power or heat consumption, refrigeration coefficient and thermal coefficient. Modern chillers are the most widely used in vapor compression chillers. However, some refrigerators are not used often, and some refrigerators are often used.  Frequently mentioned or used refrigerators mainly include ice water machines, industrial ice water machines (groups) ice machines, freezers, quick freezers, and so on.  Ice water machine and industrial ice water unit:  Refrigeration in the refrigeration industry has removed the market profits of the first two decades, and now it has basically entered an era of price transparency and market saturation. The market profits of various refrigerators have been different from those of the 1980s. In such a market gap, only the chiller and the industrial chiller in the chiller have maintained a fairly rapid upward trend, which is commendable. Ice water machines and industrial chillers are not only one type of chiller, but also two important refrigeration units in chillers.  Compared with other chillers, chillers and industrial chillers, the application range is wide. In addition to the refrigeration industry, ice water machines and industrial ice water units are also widely used in HVAC, electroplating, metallurgical smelting, electronics, plastics, chemicals and other industries, you can see ice water machine and industrial ice water. The extensive service of the unit, due to its cross-industry use, the profit margin of the chiller and industrial chillers is relatively large.  Application of ice water machine and industrial ice water unit:  The ice water machine and the industrial ice water unit are refrigeration devices that provide chilled water, and can provide -30 to 20 chilled water or chemical solution according to the needs of the user. It is especially suitable for cooling on production lines such as electroplating, medicine, chemicals, plastics, food additives, etc., where enterprises and institutions need centralized air conditioning or production processes that require chilled water.  Take the electroplating industry as an example: in this industry, it is necessary to use ice water machines and industrial ice water units in refrigerators. However, since many acid-alkaline solutions in the electroplating industry require cooling, and the corrosion is very large, the service life is not long, and thus the demand for ice water machines and industrial ice water units is large.

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