How to match the chiller according to the power of the laser?

Date:Jun 19, 2020

As we all know, a laser refers to a device that can emit a laser. During the operation of the laser, it will emit certain heat. If it is not cooled in time, it will affect the effect of laser emission and its service life. Therefore, it is generally necessary to use a laser chiller to cool it.  The laser water chiller mainly cools the laser generator of the laser equipment by water circulation and controls the use temperature of the laser generator so that the laser generator can keep normal operation for a long time.  So how should we match the chillers according to the power of the laser?

The general matching rule is that the refrigerating capacity of water chillers is greater than that of laser equipment.

However, because there are many types of lasers, including solid state lasers, gas lasers, etc., the matching rules of different lasers are different, and technical parameters such as refrigerating capacity, temperature control accuracy, water pump flow head, etc. of each laser chiller need to be combined.

According to the power of the laser to match the chiller, please refer to the following aspects:

1. Cooling capacity!

That is, the cooling capacity of the water chiller.  According to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser equipment, the calorific value generated by the laser equipment is calculated, and then the appropriate chillers are selected through matching.  Different types of water chillers also have differences in this aspect. If you are not very familiar with this aspect, please come to consult the professionals in the Cool Ling era.

2. Temperature Control Precision

This index comes entirely from the requirements of the laser. For semiconductor lasers, the temperature control accuracy must be 0.1℃, which requires the compressor to predict the temperature change rule and adapt to the load change. Generally, it is impossible to do this with a water cooler integrated with a temperature control module.  Of course, for CO2 lasers, the temperature requires 2℃ to 5℃, which can be achieved by most special water coolers on the market.  However, the coolling era is currently one of the few laser chillers that have actually reached 0.1℃.

3. Water flow and booster pump lift

The refrigerating capacity represents the refrigerating capacity provided by the compressor, while the water flow represents the capacity of the water chiller to take away heat, which causes the phenomenon that everyone often sees: the water chiller with a nominal refrigerating capacity of 1,000 W is connected to an 80W glass tube, the water chiller shows 25℃, but the laser tube is very hot.  In fact, it has not played an application role.

Of course, in addition to the above three aspects, we should also consider comprehensively the thermal efficiency and water volume, water quality requirements and the materials of water filtration and water circulation systems, etc.

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