How To Maintain Industrial Chiller?

Date:Dec 28, 2019

The maintenance of the chiller is indispensable in the maintenance of machinery and equipment. Only when the machine is maintained regularly, the machine will not age or not work. Otherwise, if the machine is left unattended, then the machine will definitely take time without maintenance. It took a long time, let's take a look at these cold knowledge.

Maintenance method of industrial chiller:
1. The various protective device settings of the industrial chiller unit have been set by the manufacturer, and users should not change them at will.
2. It is necessary to regularly check whether the cooling water system of the chiller is normal, whether the cooling tower fan and the sprinkler shaft are working well, and whether the replenishment of the built-in water tank of the chiller is normal. Regularly check whether the refrigerant of the chiller is leaking: you can refer to the parameters displayed on the front panel of the host to determine the parameters.
3. When the unit has a fault alarm and shutdown, press the alarm shutdown button first, and then check the cause of the fault. Remember to do not forcibly start the machine before troubleshooting.
4. If it is not an emergency situation during use, do not turn off the unit by cutting off the power at will; if the unit is not used for a long time in winter, turn off the unit first, then turn off the main power, and drain the water in the chiller.
5. When using industrial chillers, keep the equipment room clean and well ventilated. Regularly clean the condensers to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
6. After turning on the air-cooled chiller, check whether the fan's steering is correct. If the steering is normal, it can be used normally. If it is reversed, the power supply wiring is reversed and the phase sequence must be changed before starting. It is also necessary to ensure a good heat dissipation effect. This must keep the surface of the cooling coil of the chiller clean, ensure the air circulation around the machine, the temperature is low, and regularly clean the cooling coil.
7. The water-cooled chiller must keep the cooling water tower clean, keep the air circulation and temperature around the water tower low, and prevent debris from entering the cooling water tower to reduce heat dissipation efficiency.
8. When the chiller is used for six months, the system should be cleaned once a year. The main cleaning parts include: cooling water towers, cooling water pipes and condensers to ensure better cooling effect. If the chiller has been checked for 6 months, the dehumidifier or high / low pressure switch often fails, or the cooling capacity is reduced, this requires professional maintenance personnel to repair it.
The above are some ways to maintain the industrial chiller. If we do a good job in the daily maintenance of the chiller, we can not only improve the efficiency of the chiller, but also extend the life of the chiller, reduce the danger of operation, and make the chiller Can be more durable.



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