How to judge the overfilling of industrial chiller refrigerant

Date:May 21, 2019

Industrial refrigerant fan refrigerant charge reference:

1, usually look at the system design heat transfer area is too large or too small.

2, the general chiller condenser (air-cooled) has a subcooled liquid storage section, a cooling capacity (2500W) plus fluoride 0.9kg. If the condenser does not have a liquid storage section, the amount of fluorine added is 0.5 kg/hp. Strictly speaking, the air conditioning (such as TRANE) with a cold storage section is 56%-120% of the sentence is normal, you can first add 0.5kg / cold, add in the appropriate amount.

3. In this case, run the unit and measure the current through the compressor with an ammeter to see if it is equivalent to the rated current. If it is less than the rated current, the refrigerant amount is not enough. If the rated current is exceeded, the refrigerant amount is too much. Refrigerant.

When the refrigerant in the chiller refrigeration system is excessive, the following phenomena generally occur:

1. If the refrigerant in the chiller refrigeration system is excessive, it will take up part of the volume inside the condenser, thus reducing the heat transfer area, weakening the heat exchange, causing the condensing temperature to rise and the condensing pressure to rise.

2. It will cause the evaporation temperature of the chiller refrigeration system to rise, the evaporation pressure to rise, and the cooling effect of the chiller to decrease.

3. Excessive refrigerant charging will increase the suction pressure of the chiller refrigeration compressor.

4. Due to excessive refrigerant, refrigerant liquid or droplets that have not completely evaporated enter the compressor cylinder, which may cause wet compression or even liquid hammer.

5, the starting load is aggravated, the motor is difficult to start, in severe cases, the motor will be burnt due to excessive current.

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