How to cool the Mold Temperature Machine, why should we maintain the Mold Temperature Machine?

Date:Jul 09, 2018

How to cool the Mold Temperature Machine, why should we maintain the Mold Temperature Machine?

Cooling of the mold temperature machine: The cooling mode of the mold temperature machine is divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling. The indirect cooling method uses a cooling circuit to be separated from the main circuit, while in the direct cooling mode, the cooling circuit directly participates in the main circuit.

The water transport type mold temperature machine usually adopts direct cooling method. For the oil-transporting mold temperature machine, since the water and the oil cannot be mixed together during the heating process, the indirect cooling method is adopted, and the method is usually to stop the cooling by the plate type AC adapter. The high temperature water transport type mold temperature machine is usually used above 120 °C.Therefore, the internal main line circulation is high temperature steam. At this time, the internal line pressure is relatively large. If direct cooling is used, the external water pressure is required to be larger than the internal temperature. The main pipeline water pressure can be cooled into the main pipe. This approach is prone to residual risks. Therefore, the high temperature water mold temperature machine also uses indirect cooling. Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Cooling: Direct cooling can only be used in lower temperature locations, but direct cooling is used to cool down quickly. Advantages and Disadvantages of Indirect Cooling: Indirect cooling is suitable for high temperature mold temperature machines, but the heat exchange rate is slow and heat is lost in the heat exchange. Therefore, when the practice temperature of the medium is biased to a larger value, we use cooling to achieve a larger direct cooling method.


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