How to calculate the cooling of air-cooled industrial chillers

Date:Jul 25, 2018

How to calculate the cooling of air-cooled industrial chillers

At present, in the domestic industrial market, air-cooled industrial chiller products are a kind of professional refrigeration equipment with high utilization rate. It can provide the best professional refrigeration for various industrial productions, and cold water for air-cooled industry. In the process of application of equipment, it is often necessary to carry out refrigeration calculations for different situations. Then, how to carry out scientific refrigeration calculation for air-cooled industrial chiller equipment? Below, we will give you a brief introduction. Under normal circumstances, the cooling calculation of air-cooled industrial chiller equipment needs to take into account both cooling capacity and cooling power. The calculation of the power of the air-cooled industrial chiller: When the air-cooled industrial chiller performs the cooling operation, the total power consumed in the extra time is its cooling power, and its unit is watt, referred to as W. The cooling capacity of air-cooled industrial chiller equipment is also an important factor in measuring the cooling effect of air-cooled industrial chiller equipment: when the compressor of air-cooled industrial chiller is running, the sum of heat is removed from the confined space, room or area within the unit time, unit For W. Through the calculation of the above two factors, the performance and working index of the air-cooled industrial chiller products can be better evaluated.

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