How much do you know about the water circulation system of chillers?

Date:Jun 01, 2020

How much do you know about the cooling water circulation system? Even if you are considering introducing a cooling water circulation device, some people may not understand its type or mechanism. Here, we will also explain what a cooling water circulation device is, its type, and service life.

What is a cooling water circulation device? How do you say it in english First of all, what kind of cooling water circulation device? Let us know the purpose of introducing it and how to call it.

Cooling water circulation device for cooling device

If the industrial machine is operated for a long time, all or part of the machine may heat up, which may affect the quality and performance of the product. The cooling water circulation device is used to cool the device by circulating water or liquid and appropriately controlling the temperature. Because of this mechanism, it is sometimes referred to as a "cooling cycle chiller". There is also a method of cooling equipment with tap water, but it is undeniable that the quality and performance of the product will also change, because the water temperature will change with the external temperature. By introducing a cooling cycle chiller, the temperature can be controlled throughout the year.

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