How important is the installation environment of the refrigeration unit? It is enough to do these 4 points well!

Date:Apr 15, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Refrigeration equipment (compressor unit) shall be installed in the machine room, and the surrounding environment shall be maintained:

(1) The height direction of the refrigeration compressor shall have a net space of not less than 1.5m, the front and back shall have a net space of not less than 0.6~1.5m, the left and right direction shall have a net space of not less than 0.6m against one end of the wall, and the other end shall have a net space of not less than 0.9~1.2m

(2) the ambient temperature should be not less than 10℃.

(3) when the unit is installed outdoors, there must be wind, rain and sun protection facilities, and measures must be taken to prevent corrosion and ensure electrical insulation.  It should be isolated from high-temperature heat sources, inflammable and explosive articles or explosive containers.

(4) The machine shall be shockproof and soundproof.


How important is the installation environment of the refrigeration unit?  It is enough to do these 4 points well!

Requirements for construction of refrigeration equipment:

(1) refrigeration equipment (compressor unit) foundation should have enough strength, concrete foundation should be buried under the ground plane.  Generally, the basic weight is about 2~5 times the weight of the compressor unit.  Small and medium-sized units, refrigeration compressor and motor can be installed on a common chassis first and then on the foundation.

(2) refrigeration equipment (compressor unit) installation to level, leveling adjustment available precision of not less than 0.02~0.05mm/m level and wedge shim.  In order to reduce vibration and noise, damping devices, such as rubber damping pads and springs, should be added between the base and the foundation.

(3) refrigeration compressor belt and motor pulley groove are parallel, the tightness of the belt should be appropriate.  The inspection method is to press the middle part of the belt span by hand. It is appropriate for a belt to flex about 1mm within 100mm in length.

(4) the condenser installation to 176.4N/cm2 pressure test.  The liquid outlet pipe of the condenser shall be inclined to the liquid reservoir with a gradient of 1/1000.  Air pressure test of 156.8N/cm2 shall be conducted before the evaporator is installed.  Between evaporator or cooling irrigation and drainage base and foundation surface, 50~100mm thick insulating hardwood mat shall be added, and asphalt shall be applied to prevent corrosion.  Small-tonnage cold storage may not be equipped with a liquid regulating station, and the liquid storage device directly supplies liquid.  For cold storage with large tonnage, the warehouse is composed of several cold rooms, and when each cold room is equipped with evaporators or cooling pipes, a liquid regulating station shall be set up. Liquid is supplied to the regulating station from the liquid storage device, and then the regulating station supplies liquid to each evaporator or cooling pipe through throttle valve respectively.


(5) pipe connection methods are generally welding, threaded connection and flange connection.  In addition to the installation and maintenance must use threaded connection or flange connection place, try to use welding.  When connecting threads, the threads shall be coated with lead oil or polytetrafluoroethylene sealing tape. When connecting flanges, the flange joint surface shall be provided with convex and concave stop openings, and 1~3mm thick, lead oil coated on both sides and medium pressure asbestos rubber pad shall be added into the stop openings.

(6) pipe installation gradient: the horizontal pipe section of the oil separator of the exhaust pipe of the refrigeration compressor is inclined to the direction of the oil separator by 0.3%~0.5%;  The section from that oil separator to the condense tube inclines to the condense direction by 0.3 to 0.5 percent;  The horizontal section from that liquid outlet pipe of the condense to the high-pressure liquid storage device inclines to the direction of the high-pressure liquid storage device by 0.5 to 1.0 percent;  The horizontal pipe section from the liquid branch regulating station to the cooling exhaust pipe inclines to the cooling exhaust pipe direction by 0.1%~0.3%;  The horizontal pipe section from the cooling exhaust pipe to the gas distribution and regulation station is inclined to the cooling exhaust pipe by 0.1%~0.3%;  The horizontal section of the Freon suction pipe is inclined 0.19-0.3% towards the refrigeration compressor.

(7) For pipe bending, when the pipe diameter is below Ф57, the bend radius shall not be less than 3 times of the pipe outer diameter;  When Ф is above 57, the radius of the bent pipe shall not be less than 3.5 times of the outer diameter of the pipe.  Pipe connection should take into account the expansion and contraction of the pipe, so when the low-pressure pipe is more than 100m and the high-pressure pipe is more than 50m, a telescopic elbow should be added to the appropriate position of the pipe.

Today wall tube support should add heat insulation hardwood heat, wall tube should be more than 150mm away from the wall, ceiling tube should be more than 300mm away from the ceiling.


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