How do the blades of the plastic shredder be properly ground?

Date:Jul 03, 2018

How do the blades of the plastic shredder be properly ground?

The blade of the plastic shredder is an important part of the shredder. If it is worn or blunt, it should be repaired or replaced in time. If the shredder tool is blunt, it will affect the shredding effect of the whole equipment. It is necessary to timely repair and repair, and also do the inspection and maintenance work of the shredder blade during normal times.

The grinding of the pulverizer tool is not the same as the grinding of other tools. The other types of mechanical blades basically use the grinding machine to grind the plane or the edge portion, and the structure of the pulverizer cutter is special, multi-claw The design of the blade makes it impossible to grind the grinder, and a single flat dressing of the blade can cause excessive clearance between the blades to seriously affect the use. 

So how do the cutters of the shredder be repaired? We first need to understand that the wear of the shredder blade is mainly the wear on the claw, and the easiest way to grind is to use the polisher to polish the inside of the cutting edge until the blade edge is sharp. Care must be taken along the arc of the cutter and must be perpendicular to the plane of the shredder blade so that the loss of the original cutter body is minimal.

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