FRP cooling tower

Date:Apr 28, 2018

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. The "cooling tower" refers to the water cooling can be a kind of device. Water in the heat, mass transfer and flow of air, water temperature drop
2. Glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower by the cooling tower, fan components, electrical components, deep dish, splashing water device, water distribution device, pipe system, support the connection between the supply of spare parts fasteners, sealing gasket, and all the necessary parts and materials
3. Industrial production process of waste heat or cooling process, generally use cooling water to guide will go
The role of cooling tower with waste heat of the cold
Water and air heat exchange inside the tower, waste heat to the air and into the atmosphere, for example, within the power plant, boiler heating water into
High temperature and high pressure steam, promote steam turbine power generator, the steam turbine exhaust steam after work into the condenser, heat with cooling water
Exchange condenses into water, water pump back to the boiler circulation use
The process of steam exhaust waste heat to the cooling water, water temperature
Flood waste heat of cooling water, will heat transfer to air in the cooling tower, the atmosphere environment from ram
Cooling tower application: apply to the Lord
To be applied to air conditioning cooling system, frozen series, plastic injection, tanning, foaming, electricity, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields, used for air conditioning cooling, refrigeration, plastic chemical industry

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Main Export Markets:

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