Five points for maintenance of screw chiller

Date:Apr 02, 2020

Screw chiller is an industrial chiller that uses a screw compressor to provide a large cooling capacity, so it is often used in injection molding, printing industry, concrete construction industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and food industry, air conditioning system and other industries. After long-term operation of screw chiller, it is inevitable that the efficiency will decrease or operation failure will occur. Equipment maintenance or repair is required. So what problems should we pay attention to when repairing screw chiller? What is the correct procedure for chiller maintenance? Leng Xiaojun suggests that you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

-After confirming the cause of the screw chiller failure and formulating a maintenance plan, the tools, materials and spare parts to be replaced should be prepared.

Tips: It is recommended to use the brand and model recommended by the original accessories or the chiller manufacturer.

-When repairing screw chiller, we should check and repair the refrigeration system (commonly called Freon system), oil system, water circulation system (including cooling water and chilled water) and electrical control part in turn. This order is what we are looking for The order of the chiller failure is exactly the opposite. The advantage of this is that it can ensure that there is no hidden danger of rework due to failure cross-correlation, which does not solve all the failures.

-The maintenance of screw chiller should be carried out by operators or technicians with relevant knowledge. Maintenance personnel should have a wealth of refrigeration process knowledge and experience in mechanical equipment maintenance, such as screw compressor assembly, Freon system And water circulation system cleaning and maintenance, installation of circuit components, parameter setting of chiller control program, and welding, leak detection and repair, air tightness test of the unit, refrigerant and lubricating oil and other skills required.


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