Feeding sequence of plastic mixer

Date:Jan 11, 2020

The plastic mixer should pay attention to the feeding sequence.  Generally, large materials, such as pvc powder, calcium powder, etc. are added first, and then small groups of materials, such as premix, are added.


Attention should be paid to the fact that the plastic mixer must not use a one-time tipping bucket type feeding, but use a spiral hoist to feed, so as to avoid segregation and loss of effective components in the premix.  Pay attention to the discharging method when selecting plastic mixer.  The form of small opening at the bottom should be selected, and the discharge form of side opening or large opening should not be selected.  The reason is that once the mixer finishes mixing within the specified time, the uniformity of the materials can be ensured by clearing the mixture in the shortest time.  If the spiral belt with side opening or small opening at the bottom is gradually drained, firstly, the time is delayed and the expected productivity is not achieved; secondly, the material has already reached the optimal uniformity, and excessive stirring will lead to material segregation and destroy the uniformity, thus losing the significance of selecting energy-saving mixer.


Don't stop when discharging after mixing, and mix another batch after discharging.  If it starts again after full load, it will cause the motor to burn out due to too large power distance.  Select plastic mixer according to daily production.

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