Features and description of mini silent small machine edge crusher

Date:Apr 01, 2020


Slow plastic crusher belongs to non-screen type recycling crusher, which runs at low speed and is specially designed for crushing various types of material heads produced by injection molding machines and crushing and recycling of defective products.

This machine has the characteristics of stable operation, no noise, no dust pollution, uniform product production, good crushing effect, no overheating during equipment operation, and long service life.

product manual:

The series of slow and silent random crushing machines truly provide the recycling function of expensive plastics, achieving economic efficiency that saves money, time and labor, and is easy to manage.

Recovered immediately within 60 seconds, so that the defective products and nozzle materials will not be contaminated by oxidation, humidification, and dust, which will cause the physical properties of the plastic such as strength, density, and color gloss to be damaged, so the quality of the product can be improved.

In terms of economic benefits, it reduces plastic loss, manual management, storage environment, waste and consumption of material purchase funds, greatly reducing manufacturing costs, improving quality, ensuring corporate competitiveness, and ensuring business operations.


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