How to choose a suitable plastic crusher?

Date:May 19, 2018

How to choose a suitable plastic crusher?

  1. Consider what kind of raw materials you use to crush

if you want to use the cruser to crush hard kind waste plastic, you need choose claw cutter kind crusher (our NPCY series crushers),if you want to use the cruser to crush soft kind waste plastic, you need choose flat cutter kind crusher (our NPCP series crushers).

NPCY.jpg          NPCP.jpg


2.You need crushing capacity(kg/h)

The production capacity of the selected crusher is slightly greater than the actual production capacity needed to avoid the hammer mill wear, wind tunnel air leakage, etc., causing the crusher's production capacity to decline.

NPCY specification.jpg

NPCP specification.jpg 

3.Crusher into size

You need know the wait to crush material detail size( length, width, thickness, othersize the material cannot go into crush chamber. 

4. After crush material size:  Our smallest screen size is 4mm, we also can design as you need size. But all our screen sizes are double number. 

mesh picture.jpg

5. Machine use Voltage 

The industrial voltages(3phase) used in different countries are different. Our standard machines use 380V/3phase/50hz, we can design the crusher use you need voltage. 

5.Energy consumption of the crusher

The energy consumption of the crusher is very large. When purchasing, you must consider energy saving.

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